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Almost 2 years ago, we called Feldco to have new windows put in. 2 men showed up at the door ready to get started.

One of them did not speak English very well and was older. The younger man was telling him what to do. They were super nice and worked hard. When they were finished it was dark but I noticed a large scratch in the front of my house smack in the middle!

I told the older gentlemen that he had scratched my siding and I pointed to it. He took an oil rag and wiped over it and now it is a big old smudge. The younger man was itching to get going as he was racing around and on his phone. He seemed to be stern and bossy with the older man and It made me feel bad for him.

So when he put the oil rag over the scratch, I hoped for the best. It's like I didn't want to get him in trouble. Months went by, and we noticed more and more scratches. I called feldco and told them.

They sent someone out to take pictures. We also asked about our sliding screen door as we noticed a gap in the corner where flying bugs were getting in and it wasn't closing properly. He said we needed a new screen door and that the men didn't put it in right. He was concentrating too much on the screen door when I said "What are you going to do about the siding?".

He runs his finger across it and says "I don't know...this is old siding anyway". I told him that wasn't the point. It still didn't give them the right to scratch it with their ladders. He said "Oh yea, I know.

Let me talk to () and we'll see, but I don't know what we can do. You need new siding anyway". He then tells me my screen door will be in in a few weeks and they will call me. Months pass.

I forgot about the door in the winter we didn't go out that way. We are incredibly busy people. Finally, we thought of it and called and the lady put me on hold and said they would have to get back to us but it looks like it was ready. They never called back.

We called again and they made an appointment with us and put in the new screen door and adjusted the handle to the glass door that came loose. I asked about the siding again. The same guy took pictures AGAIN. Said the same thing.

Ran his finger across the siding AGAIN. (Which had sediment due to age). Then he left. Some more time passed and they called us and said "You can't say your siding is scratched when its been over a year." This is according to THEIR records.

Even though you are supposedly being recorded each time. My husband was so aggravated that he settled on $200 worth of gift cards and the guy was telling him how lucky he was to get that. A week ago we had a problem with the sliding glass door screeching. We called them and they said it would cost us $ this time.

Our door is over a year old. Warranty? Nope. Doesn't cover that.

Asked if we could use the gift cards that state on the back of them : For products and services. They told my husband not on labor. What services do they offer that are not labor related???? The reason I don't take further action is I blame myself for not saying something faster and for not keeping up with it.

Like I said, the guys were super nice and were working so hard. I was too passive. I made them stay to redo a few things.

I was really picky about the caulking job and that too we had them come back out to fix. Still, the caulking is bad and the framing around the windows aren't done as nice as I would have liked either.

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Des Plaines, Illinois, United States #815980

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We have shared your concerns with our entire Operations Team and understand a manager will be reaching out to you today.

The siding damage was both near the windows and in places not near where the windows were replaced. As so much time elapsed after the original installation, unfortunately there is no way to tell how or when the siding damage occurred. We regret that you were not left delighted with your project.

We hope that any outstanding issues will be resolved when you speak with our manager.

Thank you.

Feldco Windows, Siding & Doors

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