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I ordered a door and window from Feldco had them come out for a second measurement which was wrong by the way and since I wouldn't let them put up wrong size casings around the door I was treated rude and unprofessional Add comment

Never in my life have I dealt with rude and inexperience people they tracked mud into my home on the carpet. The picture window installed seal was broke and they installed quarter round on the inside of my windows so now I can't hang blinds. The flashing on the outside looks like *** they left material and screws with flashing all over in my yard. They broke a piece of wood between the picture... Read more

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FELDCO WINDOWS ..Worse windows ever. Expensive but no good. They had to replace one of the windows right after instalation, then later another window filled up with water condensation, i called them and their lifetime guarantee ended up being no guarantee at all. Now anothetvwindow full of condensation. When i look out the windows it looks like it is raining all the time. DO NOT BELIEVE THE... Read more

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This company is a joke, they are priced to high and the quality of there work is for the birds, it took them five times coming to my home to try to get the job done right, They still did not do the job that they kept on lying to me about and promise me that they would take care of it, THEY DID NOT. First they had to replace 1 window, they left gaps on the side of the window, one window was... Read more

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Ordered 5 windows installed on 11/21/15 all the windows sweating from the inside water on the window sills. Read more

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Review about Feldco Windows Installation from Rockford, Illinois
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My wife and I got 3 Windows, and a sliding door installed in July. To this date of Novemner 21st we have had feldco out 5 times now. They had to redo to capping twice already, replace a screen door that wouldn't open or close right. It would simply catch and bind on the track. I was told it was the slider. They ordered a new one and were supposed to put it in. A month later nothing, finally it... Read more

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We had Feldco do a bid for us 2 years ago and decided not to purchase from them. I have told them several times to stop calling me and they won't! Got another call today! This is the most frustrating business I have ever dealt with!!! Has anyone else had this problem? Who does that? Why can't they take no for an answer? Do they not get messages??????????????????? Do they not communicate with... Read more

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My wife and I. Have purchased 6 double windows from feldco windows and siding. And had trouble since the 2nd guy came out and remeasure the windows. Our appointment was from 8 to 10. 11:00 came and i called said they will call the guy up and find out what time he'll be here.. then it went to 12 to 2 and waited till 3 o'clock and then i was told he'll be there by 4 o'clock . He didnt show... Read more

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Went to the store on 99th and Western. Looking to get a door there. Got an estimate, told the guy I would be back. Came back a week later and the salesman was rude and snotty. Told me he could not honor the price and I was there yo purchase. Will nit EVER, due to his very rude behavior, spend my money there. Went to Hone Depot and made a purchase. Very pleasant salesman. Do Not Shop At... Read more

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I had a good experience with Feldco. The sales guy, named Rob was a little pushy but it was worth it in the end. Windows are great and the installers were clean and professional. I had old wood windows that were hard to open and did not keep out the cold. I cant wait until this winter to have a warm house. I know that there are people out there that have gotten pissed but my experience was... Read more

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